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  • Support Twin Cities Boulevard in the MnDOT Rethinking I-94 Survey
    MnDOT is currently seeking feedback on project options for Rethinking I-94. Here are some tips for filling it out to support Twin Cities Boulevard. The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) unveiled the initial project options for the Rethinking I-94 project during the project’s Policy Advisory Committee meeting on July 17. A public survey is open through the summer to collect feedback on the initial project options. MnDOT included two boulevard conversion options, called “at-grade”, a major step toward making Twin Cities Boulevard a reality.
  • MnDOT releases the project options for Rethinking I-94 and boulevard options are included!
    Here is what you need to know about the July 17 Rethinking I-94 Policy Advisory Committee meeting, the initial project options and where things go from here. On Monday afternoon, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) unveiled the initial project options for Rethinking I-94 during the project’s Policy Advisory Committee meeting. The Policy Advisory Committee … Read more
  • Update: Rethinking I-94 Project Options are Coming Soon
    It has been a few months since our last campaign update. Things will pick up soon as MnDOT nears the release of Rethinking I-94 project options. Here is where things stand on the Twin Cities Boulevard campaign. MnDOT will unveil the initial Rethinking I-94 project options on July 17. MnDOT recently sent an email alerting … Read more
  • Minnesota’s Democratic Trifecta Isn’t Translating to Progressive Transportation Policy
    Transportation Committee Chairs are blocking action on a Twin Cities Boulevard Feasibility Study Minnesota State Representative Frank Hornstein and State Senator Scott Dibble may claim to be champions for progressive transportation policy, but when it comes to the future of I-94, they are blocking progress on a generational opportunity to repair the harms of past … Read more
  • Take Action: MnDOT is Trying to Block Twin Cities Boulevard Feasibility Study Bill with an Inaccurate Bill Analysis
    MnDOT Commissioner Nancy Daubenberger and staff are openly opposing a highway-to-boulevard feasibility study (SF 2180 and HF 2270) through an inaccurate and inflated fiscal note.