Upcoming Events: Hearing, Sign-Making, PAC Meeting & More

We have many exciting events to support Twin Cities Boulevard that you won’t want to miss. Thanks to your advocacy, there will be a Rethinking I-94 Legislative Hearing at the upcoming House Transportation Committee hearing at the Minnesota State Capitol. This is a critical opportunity to testify in front of legislators and the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) in favor of Twin Cities Boulevard, a vision to replace I-94 between downtown Minneapolis and Saint Paul and reclaim freeway land for surrounding communities.

Sign Making and Art Build

Spill Paint Not Oil | Tuesday, February 13th, 5-7PM

Join us to make signs supporting Twin Cities Boulevard for the legislative hearing! Supplies are provided; just bring your passion for equitable transportation and creativity.

Rethinking I-94 PAC Meeting

Virtual | Wednesday, February 14, 8:30AM

There’s a Rethinking I-94 Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting on the day of love! If you LOVE Twin Cities Boulevard, don’t keep those feelings inside. Join the PAC Meeting and tell decision-makers that a better future is possible.

Rethinking I-94 Legislative Hearing

Minnesota State Office Building | Thursday, February 22nd, 8:30-10AM

The House Transportation Committee is hosting a legislative hearing about the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Rethinking I-94 project. This hearing is a great opportunity to get in front of decision-makers and let them know you support Twin Cities Boulevard. Additionally, Our Streets MPLS will be presenting preliminary independent study results from their partnership with Toole Design Group.

Join us at the State Capitol to learn more about the project and share your support for the Twin Cities Boulevard. There will be an opportunity to testify in front of the committee.

Sign up to testify in support of Twin Cities Boulevard. Members of the public will be able to attend and speak for up to two minutes per person during a public comment period at the end of the hearing. Nervous or first time testifying? We have in-person and virtual training and support opportunities.

Survey Sifting Party

University of Minnesota Health & Sciences Education Center | Thursday, February 21st, 5-7PM & Saturday, February 24th, 10am-Noon

One of our awesome supporters got all the data from the MnDOT Rethinking I-94 survey through a FOIA data request. Survey data often gets pared down to a few bullet points on a slide. We want to ensure everyone who took the time to do the survey has a voice!